Monday, April 04, 2005

We've seen the nano enemy and they is us

Way back in July 2003, I wrote:

    "Greenpeace begins with the assumption that average people are powerless against invisible forces that secretly control society's agenda (it's where the political left always meets the right), without acknowledging that these "forces" cannot remain entrenched in the face of a society that rejects them. America is obese? Don't blame McDonald's. The Golden Arches can't survive without a public willing to march into their death chambers.

    You want nanotechnology that doesn't make a mess of what's left of our planet? I think that's a great idea. Let's bring on the global discussions over how we're going to get there. But it's not a question of "good nano" or "bad nano." It's a question of how we're going to use nano. More here

Well, powder my wig and call me John Bull, now I've got a lord on my side -- Alec Broers, chairman of the House of Lords science and technology committee. Here's an excerpt from "The future is just nano seconds away," by Jim Gilchrist of The Scotsman:
    LUDDITES could do worse than lend an ear to one of radio’s great institutions, from this Wednesday. Over the next five weeks, pioneering nanotechnologist Lord Alec Broers takes the podium for Radio 4’s annual Reith Lectures (8pm, Wednesdays; repeated 10.15pm, Saturdays).

    Currently president of the Royal Academy of Engineering and chairman of the House of Lords science and technology committee, Lord Broers’s pioneering of the scanning electron microscope ushered in the sometimes controversial science of nanotechnology.

    He argues that what happens with nano - and any other technology - is entirely up to us, and it’s about time we sat up and took notice. "We cannot leave technology to the technologists," he argues. "We must all embrace it." The first of his five lectures bears the suitably no-holds-barred title Technology Will Determine the Future of the Human Race. More here

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