Tuesday, April 05, 2005

'Bots get loose while professor is away

From: Howard Lovy
To: Daniel Moore

    (Georgia Tech physics professor Z.L.) Wang, 44, was awarded his second nanotechnology-related patent in March. In five years, Wang says, it might lead to an early cancer detection system, and in 20 years to "nanobots," theoretical atomic-sized particles that could travel the blood stream hunting down cancer cells and repairing damaged blood vessels. More here
Hey, Daniel,
This is your guy, right? Do you think he really used "nanobots," or was that the reporter injecting the word?

From: Daniel Moore
To: Howard Lovy
Howard -
Yeah, that's my guy. He could have used 'nanobots' (he's used it before) though it does sound more like the reporter used it and ZL concurred or something like that.

Maybe I need to read the atlanta business journal more...

From: Howard Lovy
To: Daniel Moore
Is that "for the record," sir? Don't want to get you in trouble with your boss.

From: Daniel Moore
To: Howard Lovy
Oh sure. Feel free. He's out of the country now anyway :)

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