Saturday, March 19, 2005

Perpetual pursuit of elusive funding

Josh Wolfe, the Shaolin priest of Wall Street and the prophet of nanotech profit, always sprinkles philosophy with finance in his newsletter. In his latest, Josh writes:

    The truth is this: if I sent you one million dollars tomorrow, as unlikely as it may seem -- you'd be no happier a year from now then you are today. From an evolutionary biology standpoint, happiness is just a tool our genes use to guide us towards behaviors that benefit them. The perpetual pursuit of elusive goals is written in our genes. The racetrack of happiness has no speed limit and no exit ramp.
Josh, as a believer in the scientific method, I agree to help you prove your hypothesis and will live with the consequences. Hit the button below, and let's get this experiment started:

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Anonymous said...

The million dollars might not make me happier but it would go a long way to helping me pursue my elusive goals. Heck, $10 dollars helps me pursue my elusive goals!

This sounds like something upper management tells the employee's at the company picnic to explain why raises are not forthcoming again.

Anonymous said...

There's a threshold, below which lack of money makes you much less happy. Charles Dickens said it well: "Annual income 20.5, annual expenditure 20, result happiness. Annual income 19.5, annual expenditure 20, result misery."