Sunday, March 27, 2005

Does Georgia Tech have its top down?

Photo by Daniel Moore
Some red clay has already been moved at the future site
of Georgia Tech's Nanotechnology Research Center.

Georgia's governor is a real peach. He wants to give $5 million to Georgia Tech so it can begin clearing away old buildings to make way for a brand-spanking new $81 million Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC). But before they can build it, the university still has to raise $36 million in private funding.

NanoBot's "Ramblin' Wreck" of a reporter, Daniel Moore wonders what's going on at the construction site pictured above, then. It's located right about where Georgia Tech's Office of Development says the NRC will be.

Moore, who is not only a blogger but also a nano researcher, thinks the NRC will be great for his state, but has "a few misgivings" about what he sees going up on campus.

    I feel like the space in the center is going to be overwhelmingly dominated by the electrical engineering MiRC (Microelectronics Research Center) filling it up with clean rooms and nanofab stuff that is so much top-down focused that I fear it will drown out the bottom-up segment of nanotechnology. More here
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