Friday, March 25, 2005

Workin' in a nano mine

Zyvex partners with School of Mines (

    A high tech company that works with the smallest materials in science is coming to South Dakota.

    vonehrToday, Governor Mike Rounds announced an agreement with Zyvex and the South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City.

    With the help of a projector, students and visitors at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology are able to view what they normally couldn't see with their own eyes-- nanotechnolgy at work.

    Governor Mike Rounds said, "South Dakota is one of those states in which we have a long way to come in terms of developing technology and commitments with technology companies."

    The state took a step towards that goal today, by announcing a partnership with Zyvex, a Texas based company that specializes in creating tools and services to help scientists work with atoms and molecules.

    Zyvex CEO Jim Von Ehr said, "Well this is a very persuasive place. They came and approached me about a year ago and I really ought to come here and they wanted to get involved in nanotechnology and I thought at the time, so do a lot places." More here

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