Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Nanotech Limerick Contest

OK, any nanotech poets out there? Use the Comments section below to give me your best nanotech limerick. It doesn't even need to be based on the story below.

Technology company to create 50 Limerick jobs (Ireland On-Line)

    A Russian technology company is to to create 50 new jobs in Limerick after setting up its first Irish facility in the mid west.

    NT-MDT (NanoTechnology - Modular Devices and Tools) has set up an Irish subsidiary at the National Technological Park in Plassy, close to the University of Limerick.

    The company is expected to begin recruiting in July and expects to employ more than 50 people over the next five years. More here

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'How The Schmirk Stole Nanotechnology'


Anonymous said...

Here's few feeble attempts.

There once was a molecule small,
Who troubled nobody at all.
When the press found the lad,
They said it was bad.
Which caused all the research to stall.

Look here, it’s technology new!
Watch out, it could cause some gray goo
What a silly idea!
Kept alive by the Media!
Who knows, it might look green or blue.

Look at this tube we have found.
It can conduct and some even ground.
We might use them quite soon,
To head for the moon.
Will the ribbon be narrow or round?

More to follow maybe.

Howard Lovy said...

Jonathan, you're a very brave man. And a prolific one these days, too. Not that I'm complaining, since my blog benefits, but is Luna giving you enough work?


Anonymous said...


Most of my day consists of data collection and data analysis. I start a run and rather that sit there and watch a squiggly line crawl across a screen for 30 minutes, I surf the web gathering nuggets of information. Granted writing limericks is a bit out of my job description but it does help to get the "innovative" juices flowing. ;)