Sunday, March 27, 2005

'Molecularium' explores inner space

Molecule movie offers new twist for planetariums (Associated Press)

    carbonOld school: sitting under a planetarium dome gazing at a simulated Sagittarius.

    New school: watching smiling, singing, animated atoms zip around the dome as they journey through a falling snowflake and a stick of chewing gum.

    A children's museum near Albany is debuting something new on its big-domed screen they call a "Molecularium" show. The 20-minute digital animation piece reinterprets the traditional planetarium experience for kids as likely to stick their nose in a Game Boy as a book. The subject isn't outer space this time, but atomic space. The movie tells the story of an oxygen atom, Oxy, and her nano pals exploring protons and electrons _ a sort of science meets Shrek story for the early grades. More here

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