Thursday, March 10, 2005


Connaughton"In the area of clean coal, he'll take a look at this new advanced technology called Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle. That is the next step on the road to a zero-emission coal fired power plant that enables us also to capture and store CO2. As part of that, he's going to take a look at a vial of nano-materials that specifically absorb carbon dioxide. And the nano-materials in that vial contain as much surface area as the entire exterior surface area of the White House."

Jim Connaughton
Head of The Council on Environmental Quality, speaking aboard Air Force One

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Anonymous said...

There are some interesting possibilities for this.

Scenario 1: President Bush is handed the vial of nanomaterials.

President Bush: "Why can I see them if they're supposed to be really, really small?"

Scenario 2: President Bush is handed an empty vial.

President Bush: "Wow, those suckers real are tiny. I can't see any of them!"

Anonymous said...

Here's something interesting from a collegue. He says that he studied materials in school that specifically absorb carbon dioxide. They are called trees.