Saturday, April 17, 2004

White papers and black marks

To help offset costs associated with my private experiment in home-brewed molecular nanotechnology, I'm moonlighting as a writer of white papers and reports for a new research company, NanoMarkets.

The audience I'm writing for -- primarily a business-oriented readership -- might be slightly different from the one that reads this blog, so don't expect some of the same goofiness you'll find on NanoBot. I'm all about, well, "nanotech markets" when I write for NanoMarkets. But, you know, sometimes I just can't help myself and I have to be me. We'll see what sort of subversiveness I can sneak in when nobody's watching.

However, I do want to mention a few things for those who might be interested in whether my freelance work should become a black mark on my "permanent record" as a journalist. What I write for NanoMarkets (for that matter, anything I write or assign others to write -- from Small Times to this blog to the Bar Mitzvah speeches I've ghost-written for my little brothers), I approach without predetermined conclusions. I'm not an "advertorial writer," in the parlance of my business.

My work with NanoMarkets is separated completely from my editorial judgment at Small Times, and decisions regarding NanoMarkets coverage will be made by other editors.

I've played a huge role in establishing Small Times as an independent news voice. My 20 years as a reporter and editor in many news organizations have given me the tools needed to judge the merits of a news story. For the past three years, I've carefully navigated Small Times through some initially choppy waters regarding its status as a subsidiary of Ardesta and guided its news coverage in such a way that it's not branded with even a hint of suspicion that we give preferential treatment to any one company. In fact, we're even tougher on Ardesta companies. They have to truly earn a mention in Small Times.

It is innate to my nature as a journalist to remain fiercely independent and to cover the news wherever it leads, and in a fair manner, no matter whose interests might be harmed in the uncovering and exposure of facts. This is how I approach every project I take on. My principles will not change one bit, whether I am moonlighting as a report-writer or french-frier.

OK. That out of the way, take a look at what I've been up to over there: Baby's first white paper (news release, free registration).


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