Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The people want the pants

Jeffrey Nolan of SAP Ventures writes:

    Nanosys' SEC docs are dissected over at Nanobot, lot's of good information to digest before you do your next nano deal. The following is totally off the topic, I was on a panel discussing venture capital at a London School of Business event with Jen Fonstad from DFJ. She mentioned nanotech as a hot investment area, and promptly threw out the 'smart pants' example! I had to laugh because whenever I hear something from DFJ, it's a sure thing that smart pants will come up!

Mock the

all you want, Jeffrey, but didn't you know that the award-winning nanopants are not only fashionably stain-resistant, but they are also bringing families closer together? According to a recent survey, "parents of young children learn the hard way that they need to take extra steps to keep little hands from making a big mess on their clothing. Indeed, 11 percent of working moms and dads even go to the extreme of avoiding their children once they are dressed for the day."

The solution? "Hassle-free clothes that go the extra mile," with "stain, odor, wrinkle and/or fade resistance and perspiration control."

Eighty-two percent of 3,000 Americans (60 percent female, 40 percent male) responding to a poll commissioned by Nano-Tex LLC (Profile, News, Web) can't be wrong.


Lee Nano-care Double Pleat Casual Pant

White Swan Nano-Care Scrubs

Nano-Care Gripper Stool Cushion (Chair Pads & Cushions)

Nano-Care Gripper Chair Cushion (Chair Pads & Cushions)

Nano-Care Gripper Chair Cushion Checkered (Chair Pads & Cushions)

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