Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Nanocap stock positions

Two analysts have weighed in on Kopin Corp. (Nasdaq: KOPN, Profile, News, Web) and Altair Nanotechnologies (Nasdaq: ALTI, News, Web). *

Here's what Taglich Brothers have to say about Altair, via Barron's Online (subscription required):

    We are establishing a Speculative Buy rating....The company has significantly strengthened its balance sheet and its auditors have removed going-concern issues from the latest annual report....In late March 2004, Altair reported that its sales backlog for 2004 is approximately $780,000 and said that its current backlog of signed contracts to be performed during 2005 and contracts with a high probability of success is approximately $1.5 million....It has many products under development that have huge potential in their given markets.

And Zacks zays ztrong zell, or you may be Kopin with a loss.

    Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ:KOPN) is pioneering the use of nanotechnology to manufacture nanosemiconcuctor products that make mobile electronic devices small, fast, bright, lightweight and power efficient. For its first quarter, Kopin reported a net loss of (5 cents) per share, which was a steeper loss than a year ago. It was also a steeper loss than the consensus was expecting. The company said the net loss mainly reflects lower initial yields associated with the transition from the company's legacy monochrome microdisplays to new color filter CyberDisplay products and additional marketing and technical support associated with increased color display activities. The company has experienced several downward revisions from analysts of late for the year ending December 2004, and earnings estimates for the period have moved from a profit to a loss over the past month. However, revenue grew by +24% year-over-year in the quarter, and customer uptake of its new color filter display occurred faster than expected. The company's innovative products could mean big things for the future, but investors may want to sit tight for now and wait for its earnings estimates to gain more upward momentum before making a move.

* Howard Lovy's NanoBot takes no responsibility for any financial action you may or may not take based on the above links to sites that are far, far away from NanoBot -- practically on the other side of the Internet -- and, besides, I never said you should buy any nanotech stocks in the first place and why would you follow financial advice from a blogger who works for free, anyway.


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