Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Drexler's Dream: The Web site

Photo by Howard Lovy

This just in from Eric Drexler. (I figured this was a good opportunity for me to run a photo I took of him last October, too.) Here's a note from the man who first kick-started this whole engine of discombobulation:
    Eric Drexler's personal technical website is now online:

    This site focuses on the science behind emerging technologies of broad importance, summarizing research results and offering technical perspectives on research directions. It includes tutorial material, new results, annotated bibliographies and links to external web resources. Initial topics include nanotechnology-based production systems (central to the future of physical technology), and secure, distributed computing (central to the future of informational technology). contains original information not previously published as well as new diagrams and computer animations. The site is intended to complement Dr. Drexler's published technical work and his textbook

    and is intended to assist researchers, educators and students exploring these areas. A site map that gives an overview of its current contents can be found at:

    The entries on have evolved from queries from researchers and students and reflect areas of frequent discussion.

    Comments regarding the site can be directed to:


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