Friday, April 09, 2004

NbA 'task force' MIA?

Whatever happened to the NanoBusiness Alliance Health and Environmental Issues Task Force? Seems like it should speak out about now.

    "There's a sexiness of talking about science out of control. That has certainly captured the imagination of people in the media -- especially those who didn't want to figure it out," he said.

    He said alliance members spurred the effort, as they talked publicly more about the science fiction than science. 'They were willing to talk about ... filtration systems, but said, 'Damn if I feel like talking about gray goo,' " Modzelewski said. "They were already people getting angry and fatigued addressing things that just weren't real.'" July 2003 articles here and here.

Now, I'll quote myself from September 2003:

    The NanoBusiness Alliance recently formed a safety task force, but this panel came into existence only after the media began paying more attention to these fears. I do hope it's an attempt to take the lead in ensuring that what they are creating is socially responsible, and reassuring the public in a meaningful way, minus dismissive and derisive comments about those who attack nanotech as another tool for the rich. More here


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