Sunday, April 25, 2004

Magnus goes nano, may lose silly shorts

magnusVia Nanogirl and the Yahoo nanotech mailing list comes news of an updated "Magnus Robot Fighter, 4000 AD." Apparently, it's from the Golden Age of comics, before they went all commercial with "The Flash" and "Spider-Man," according to this report. Of course, the new and improved "Magnus" adds some nano for good measure.

    "We intend to honor the Russ Manning vision of man and robot," said (IBooks publisher Byron) Preiss, "but to add layers of complexity that evolve from nanotechnology, Asimovian thought and the world of personal computing and artificial intelligence which did not exist when the character was invented. Personally, I would like to get rid of the red shorts and the 'M' on the belt, but that is not decided. We certainly will update the costume." More here.

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