Friday, April 09, 2004


    ... now we are going to add particles that we can't even detect once they have been created? This sounds like lunacy to me. All this for some meager "benefits." Sure, the idea of minute robotic molecules coursing through my bloodstream removing cancer cells sounds appealing -- as appealing as a plateful of PCBs. More

    On Thursday, residents will get their first taste of Tech Valley Nano Ale ... More

    Bacteria modified by genetic engineering will happen first, and do simple fixed jobs for us, and so might be considered our first nanobots. More

    Jordan Amadio '05, Van Molino '05, Kate Moore '05 and Matt Satriano '05 were all chosen for this year's scholarship.

    Amadio is a physics major from Cazenovia, N.Y., who is also pursuing certificates in biophysics, material science and Italian literature. His research interests involve using emerging techniques such as nanotechnology to address problems in medicine, particularly the aging process.

    "I'm interested in how the body behaves at the molecular level," he said. More


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