Monday, May 30, 2005

Three days of Peace, Ludd and Misunderstanding

Technopolis: Unraveling the Net of Technological Domination (Indymedia@UK)

    technopolisThree days of learning, discussion and games to explore new technologies of control and our resistance to them.

    Welcome to the Machine!

    The machine is all around us, omnipresent and omniscient. It's the camera on the street corner, the chip in your debit card and the number allotted to your child at birth. The machine is without and within. It's in the way we have been trained and domesticated since birth to fit into a mechanical world dictated by capital and the tick, tick, tick of its clock.

    Those who want to increase control and domination over our lives have invented increasingly pervasive technologies. From biotech to nanotech, through RFID, gait analysis and new 'non lethal' weapons to aid crowd control: they are all further attempts to quantify and standardise our lives. More here

The location of the Ludd-in will be "somewhere in Leeds, June 9th - 12th 2005." The main page can be found here, and the "reading list" recommended by organizers can be found here, although the only reading offered for nanotech is the five-year-old Bill Joy manifesto and this monstrosity of misinformation. To their credit, though, they also recommend all the major nanotech blogs and an industry PR sheet.

We've seen the nano enemy and they is us
Nanotech arrogance will meet the Luddite hammer
Nano is a concept by which we measure our pain


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Veri-chip was started as Experiment 666? Or for those of you keeping up with the latest translational finds, 616.

Mr Smith

Howard Lovy said...

For those who did not get Mr. Smith's reference, apparently Applied Digital Solutions' implantable Verichip also moonlights as the Mark of the Beast. I didn't get the 616 reference. Have the evil numbers changed? 616 was also the area code for a Michigan city I lived in when I was a kid. Coincidence? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Very obscure knowledge unless you have a spouse that keeps up on all the latest archeology finds.

According to her, an early translation of Revelations was discovered that had the number "616" instead of "666".

She studies the past, I study the future. It's a great combo.

Mr. Smith