Thursday, May 05, 2005

The most dangerous man in the world

Whether you believe in molecular manufacturing or not, I think there's one thing all can agree on. This man must be stopped at all costs. Can somebody please tell him that he should learn just a little bit about nanotechnology before he writes about it? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Poor guy. He knows little of nanotechnology. Less of the English language.

Anonymous said...

As a trained biologist, imagine my surprise when I read the following: "Since carbon is the most non-interactive molecule, it becomes the logical choice to be a container." Carbon is a non-interactive molecule? Since when? Here's another one: "But because nanotubes are hexagonal shape, and have "holes",..." Carbon nanotubes are hexagonal shaped? Since when?

And this guy's a CTO? Since when?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The white paper he refers to is an article from Scientific American the is 5 years old. I guess he couldn't Google anything more recent.

Anonymous said...

Carbon "the most non-interactive molecule"? And people think WE'RE ignorant?


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the comments, I just am curious to know why you didn't respond or comment to me directly? I'm open to learning, and in fact state in many of my articles that Nanotech is a research interest of mine. If you would be so kind as to correct my understanding on carbon nanotubes, and carbon molecules I would be happy to publish or quote your definitions.

Also, I am a CTO of a Systems Integration firm specializing in Data Warehousing - I am not a CTO of a firm in the nanotech market, and never claimed to be. I'm looking forward to your direct replies.

Dan Linstedt