Thursday, May 12, 2005

Is this 'search engine optimization'?

You mean, this is all I have to do? (Yes, I know, there are times I make about as much sense as the passage below.)

    Technologies nano nanoparticle nano bag blitz madden nano system nano pel nano kitty nano wax nano shampoo nano what is coating nano proprietary nano wire nano american scientist Nano Cornell University: A nano-White House and a nano-American flag illuminating red, white and blue. I they've got funding and a job. But one scientist you can trust is Rice's Vicki Colvin. She's be so small as to be invisible: the nanotechnological dreams of the young American scientist K. Eric Drexler edges of advanced robotics. With Nano! Regis is focusing in, pointing Healthy Body Solutions. Fulvic Acid Nanoized! Learn how you can obtain optimum health, slow the aging process, and increase energy using this new technology. But wait, there's more here.
Search-term poetry that touches NanoBot
More fun with search terms that reach my blog
Fun with search terms that reach my blog

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