Saturday, May 07, 2005

Grindcore nanotech


"Residing amongst Amish Mennonites, abundant corn fields, and gnashing grindcore, I Want To Kill You hails from the small college town of Kutztown, Pennsylvania." That's how the band's bio begins. But what attracted me to the band was the awesome album cover and title above, "The Inevitability of Mind Control Through Nanotechnology."

Your NanoBot, grindcore department, is always on the job for you. So, I asked the band members what they were thinking. Here's the response:

    Hello, My name is Mike Ernstam. I came up with the idea for using nanotechnologly as part of my band's debut CD title. I will let you what the title means to me, although I can't speak for the rest of the band.

    Nanotechnology is very interesting to me, and I was reading about how Nasa will need to use this technology for its mission to Mars, which is what gave me the idea for the album title. Anyway, after reading a few articles about it in a few magazines such as Popular Science, I started wondering when these tiny little robots would start playing a role in warfare. Nothing about the title is based on fact, of course.

    The thought of injecting tiny robots into your bloodstream in the first place made me think of the many possible uses for such a technology. The thought of mind control through nanotechnology is nothing but a catchy title though. In the end, it is really only meant to stimulate the potential buyer's interest and not to create any theories about what nanotechnology will be used for in the future.

I think we can file this under "nanotechnology = cutting edge image and sounds cool," and that's also totally cool with me. Check out some album tracks here, including "Drawn and Quartered At Gunpoint," "When Your Wet Dream Becomes Your Worse Nightmare," and "Today Is Doomsday." Check out their video here, which shows just what you can do with a low budget, a lightbulb, some killer vocal chords and, yes, apparently your mother's basement.

You can buy their CD and other merchandise at, or Nice work, boys, in screaming the nano meme from America's heartland.

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