Monday, May 02, 2005



Blogging? That is so early '00s. In 2005, we vlog. A portion of this video might not be office- or family-friendly.


Howard Lovy said...

"Soundbytes," indeed. Well, sir or madam, you obviously do not appreciate fine cinematic talent. Could you not see the mix of influences in this debut work from a director who is destined to think of himself as a legend? This is Ingmar Bergman meets Edgar Bergen. It's DW Griffith meets Andy Griffith, "Gone with the Wind" meets "Breaking Wind." Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Awesome video. I've been a supporter of the Space Elevator for quite a while now, and strong CNT ribbons are one of its major obstacles, so I follow that area of nanotech pretty closely.

I recently emailed Liftport (a space elevator company) about starting a videoblog. Here's our correspondence:

I've been a member of the Yahoo! Space Elevator group for several
months now, and am a strong supporter of the space elevator.

I am also an editor at ( ), an
informational site related to videoblogging and posting video and
digital media on the internet.
I am also a videoblogger myself:

I do not know how or if a video blog could help Liftport, but I would
be glad to help you start one if you would like.

One popular style of video blog is a video journal of the inner
workings of the group/person/organization. Make short videos
describing what is happening in your world.
For example, Peter Jackson is doing a production diary video blog of
his new "King Kong" film, ( )

I tend to agree with Brian Dunbar's recent statement:
"I'm convinced public good-will can make or break an SE project."

Putting a face and a personality behind Liftport could help in this
area, I think.

Adam Quirk

and their response:


wow, id never heard of this before... its very cool.

i think i will attempt something like this, later in the summer, when
we have more visual stuff to show.

we are working hard on re-building a gallery that will show our
progress, but its stills, not video.

dunbar is right, we have a policy of public outreach, and are serious
about it.

we just recently commissioned several 'comic-book artists' to do a 'day
in the life of liftport' series, once a month.

it will be a visual story of what we are doing, and the people
involved. if you have signed up for the newsletter, then you will get
it. we hope we will have the first issue this month, around the 3rd

thanks for the suggestion, its a good one. what we will try to do, is
post video, of our events, and link the blog to the gallery.

take care. mjl

Michael J. Laine
Chief Strategic Officer
LiftPort Group
"The Space Elevator Companies"

Howard Lovy said...

Boy, Adam, for a video blogger, you sure are wordy! Actually, I've spoken with Michael Laine a few times. He's proof that good things really do happen to good people every now and then. He's getting a factory up and running in a New Jersey city that is welcoming him with open arms.

Laine is the rare CEO who has just the right combination of good business sense and wild-eyed dreamer. Like Jim Von Ehr of Zyvex, Laine knows you have to have a short-term business plan to keep yourself alive while you work toward the big dream. I could have used his advice a few months ago.

There are countless challenges along the way to a space elevator, but if anybody can make that nanotube beanstalk sprout out of the ground, he could do it.

The video idea is a good one. Space Elevator Reality TV. Laine and I have discussed that as well.

Let's see: Are there clubs and discussion groups formed, prizes given out, requests from fans all over the world to film, serve drinks on, just be a part of ... a power cable project?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can repost your video in a format that us Linux users can understand?
Quicktime is not really an option for us. Perhaps .mpg or ogg theora?


Howard Lovy said...

Sure. I'll see what I can do. I think I understood .mpg. The other two words sound like something a religious cave man would say. Pardon my ignorance, but I'm learning this as I go along. Pretty much anybody can read .mpg, right? Isn't there an .mpg1 and 2 and 4? Which is best?

This is up at the Internet Archives, so it'll take a day or so. Thanks!