Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How's NanoBusiness?

Too bad nobody volunteered to blog NanoBusiness 2005 for me. Sounds like they could have used the exposure.

Nano-interest in New York nanotech (Corante)

    The NanoBusiness 2005 event, held last week at the New York Marriott Financial Center, attracted little or no attention from the MSM (mainstream media). In fact, a search at Google News didn't turn up any MSM links to New York nanotech news, only a short preview of the conference from a site called Monsters & Critics:

    "While applications for the technology are wide open and venture capital dollars are readily available - many of the companies assembled at the NanoBusiness Conference 2005, a trade show held here wherein nanotechnologists are rubbing elbows with each other and Wall Street types - the challenges are great for the industry, which is still in its infancy." More here

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Howard Lovy said...

It's an interesting puff piece, Nathan. In this case, the writer goes in the opposite direction of most of his colleagues and completely ignores the potential downside: "But so far, no studies have shown that nanotech is harmful." That's a statement that that many agencies of the U.S. government would even disagree with, not to mention some of the researchers I've talked to who have found enough evidence to the contrary that such a statement could not be honestly made.

The larger issue here: The nanotech "industry" is really doing its best to make sure the general public simply stops caring about nanotech. It's the next plastic? Oh, I thought it was something cool. Never mind.