Thursday, January 06, 2005

Poplar protein proves perfect for pushing prescriptions (sorry)

Hebrew Univ scientists discover new protein, could be used for medicine and nanoscience (Medical News Today)

    Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have succeeded in discovering and isolating a new protein from the poplar tree with special structural and qualitative characteristics that could have consequences for development of future nanocapsules for drug delivery to cancer cells.

    In addition to being obtained from plant tissue, the protein can now also be produced in large quantities as a recombinant protein in bacteria, making it highly available for medicinal or other applications.

    Called SP-1, the protein has a nanometric, "bagel-shaped," circular form and is extremely stable. It has been found to be capable of surviving contact with enzymes that break down proteins or exposure to extreme conditions such as boiling, excessive acidity, salinity, organic solvents or detergent solutions. More here

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