Friday, January 07, 2005

But did they run this one by their prince?

University of Swansea launches £50m life sciences centre
Wants to emulate Cambridge's success in developing a fertile start-up environment

    The launch of a £50m specialist life sciences research centre at the University of Swansea was announced yesterday.

    The university hopes to emulate Cambridge's success in establishing a community for supporting technology start-ups.

    The project, which will include investment from both the public and private sector, will create a medical school that doesn't just produce doctors, but also world-class research

    Andrew Davies, minister for economic development and transport for the Welsh Assembly Government, says the Institute of Life Sciences (ILS) will represent a 'quantum leap' in the development of Wales' knowledge economy.

    'The facility will be home to internationally acclaimed scientists, working at the intersections of bio and nanotechnology, deep computing and informatics. In addition, the ILS will provide dedicated incubator support for micro-companies, translating knowledge into commercial opportunities, enhancing our culture of entrepreneurship and innovation,' he said. More here

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