Thursday, January 20, 2005

The iPod Victrola

Of Things Great and Small (The Wall Street Journal -- subscribers only)

    ipodThere was a time when big was impressive and small was cute; the 20th century was the age of the skyscraper, the Titanic and finally the jumbo jet. These days, small competes for our admiration with the grandiose. Nanotechnology -- the ability to manipulate the properties of objects as small as atoms -- seems poised to become the driving force of technological change in the decades ahead. It may be that the iPod Shuffle pictured here will be chuckled at by the generations to come because of its unwieldy size and inadequate capacity in the same way that today's teenagers chuckle at their parents' LP collections. More here
NanoBot Backgrounder
Revolutions happen to the unprepared

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