Monday, January 03, 2005

Hot nano action

Man, I'll need to check out the Yahoo nanotech group more often:


    I have read the book The Selfish Gene from Richard Dawkins, the book gave me the idea to do children so I am searching a wife, are you interested ? Do you know someone? The girl must be a cryonicist too.

    Am I your style? My photos are there:

    Any girl here for me ? I want to reproduce myself, I am faithful.
    -- Jonathan

    Hi Jonathan,

    This sounds funny .. I dont think am your type though but I guess we share similar ideas.. I am not a cryonicist. I am a geochemist. Anyways, I am looking for a sperm donor. would you like to be?

    A note from the moderator: Please take relationship posts offlist as it is off topic. Also the nanotech list is Yahoo approved for all ages including children and I do not want that to change. This is the last approved post on this topic, feel free to email eachother offlist. Thank you for understanding.
    The Nanotech Moderator.

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