Friday, January 28, 2005

Straight into my nano heart

Why Arrowhead May Outshoot The Nanotechs (Business Week)

    Nanotechnology, which involves the design of materials or devices at the molecular level, hasn't produced many big winners. One stellar performer, however, has been tiny Arrowhead Research (ARWR ), which topped other stocks in the Merrill Lynch (MER ) nanotech index. It zoomed from 1.95 in January, 2004, to 4.32 on Dec. 31. The volatile stock -- not for the faint of heart -- is now at 3.96. The index, made up of 27 nanotech stocks traded in the U.S., has been flat since its Apr. 1 launch.

    Arrowhead signed a pact in early 2004 with California Institute of Technology to fund Caltech's nanotech research in exchange for the rights to market future products. Karsten Siebert of Midas Research rates Arrowhead, which has yet to make a dime, a "speculative buy." The company could be the "wild card" among the nanotechs because of its close ties with Caltech, Siebert says. More here

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