Friday, January 21, 2005

Maryland's nano dream deferred

UM's Kirwan doesn't get $24M wish for nanotechnology R&D (Baltimore Business Journal)

    The University System of Maryland's top administrator has been rebuffed in his initial efforts to secure $24 million from state lawmakers for nanotechnology research.

    Chancellor William E. "Brit" Kirwan confirmed this week that the Ehrlich administration, citing continued budgetary woes, is not including his request for $8 million in the state's fiscal 2006 budget to build new research facilities and recruit star scientists working in nanotechnology.

    ... Kirwan's plan, which he began circulating in Annapolis in the fall, called for three $8 million allocations to create the Maryland Integrated Nano-Biotechnology Initiative. Kirwan has pitched the initiative as a multi-campus collaboration designed to make the state a leading geographic hub of the science, which has the potential to transform the computing, communications and bioscience industries.

    Kirwan said he is "undaunted" by the setback and is working with state economic development officials to find an alternative way to "jumpstart this effort." More here

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