Tuesday, June 08, 2004

¡Venezuelan Nano Champ!

Dear Mr. Lovy,

I want to thank you for your note in your blog, it was great!

Here is the link when you can find the presentation for my project "Nanoparticles Technology - Basic Concepts and Proposal of Spreading" (I hope that the title is correct in English).

It was made in Infochannel Designer, the software that my father uses to design his multimedia applications so, you have to download the player "iplay" first, install it and then, all the content will be available. Sorry but the presentation is in Spanish but I'm sure that you know someone who speak in Spanish.

We are working now in the design of the Multimedia (that is part of my proposal) and I think that the application will be ready by the end of June.

I got the first prize in my category at the Science Fair at school last Friday and now i'll go to AsoVAC Science Festival.

Again, thank you for your support

With the best and kind regards,

Peter Alexander

¡Felicitaciones, Peter! -- HL

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