Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ruff on the environment

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My dog, Thurston, is a collar-carrying member of the Green Party. Yesterday, he was pawing through the latest issue of Utne Reader, which contained a short article informing its readers of the now-ritualistic leftist line that buckyballs are bad (just as "war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength"). Thurston, being a mutt of passion, bounded out to the yard, grabbed his exact-replica buckyball model (the first toy I bought for him as a puppy) and decided to "save the fish" by tearing it apart.

I tried to intervene. I told him that I, too, am concerned about the environment and that I'm also a liberal, yet the party line is totally wrong on this one -- confusing the possible cure for another symptom of the disease. They're so busy weaving corporate/government conspiracy theories that they can't see that the science is neutral, and tools like the buckyball can be used to further their own agendas -- like treating and curing diseases in developing nations.

Then, of course, the argument degenerated into a tug-of-war (I captured images of the event using my Motorola camera phone, above). "Buckyball bad," Thurston said. "Buckyball good," I said. "Buckyball bad," Thurston said. "Buckyball good," I said. ...

It continued like that for a while until I finally tossed the buckyball around the yard a few times, he fetched it a few times, I gave him a treat and the incident was forgotten. Thurston may be a bit misinformed, but he's really a good boy.

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