Tuesday, June 22, 2004

More on Mooney, etc.

From the National Post of Canada:

    "The leading extremist on the growing nanowar is Pat Mooney, executive director of the ETC Group in Winnipeg. Mr. Mooney appears in the Financial Times article below as just another cautious guy who agrees that while there are potentially big benefits, he just wants to make sure we do things carefully. "If people are too blase about nanotechnology and it gets off on the wrong foot, then it's a problem," he said.

    "Elsewhere, however, Mr. Mooney and his ETC Group are major agents provocateurs dedicated to bringing a halt to nanotechnology development. "How may warnings," says the ETC Group, "do government regulators require before they take action to ensure that uses of nanoparticles are safe before workers in production facilities are harmed and before consumers are further exposed?" Mr. Mooney doesn't want precaution; he wants shutdown." More here.

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