Friday, June 25, 2004

Mars Needs NanoMoney

Neil Gordon, president of the Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance, head of the CANEUS commercialization committee and an all-around knowledgable nano guy, once told me that a Canadian astronomer pointed out "it was colder in Canada than on Mars! We didn`t need a billion dollar space program to figure that out." Neil does, however, have a few suggestions on where and how space money should be spent in his column over at Small Times. Here's an excerpt:

    "I believe that the time has come for micro and nanotechnology to evolve from science projects and technology-pushed orphan applications into enabling platforms for mainstream industries. And this can be accomplished through a collective process where leading market-driven application developers define the specifications and standards for creative scientists and entrepreneurs to fulfill.

    "Micro and nanotechnologies can become the semiconductor industry of the 21st century, with an equally powerful effect on major industries, and in particular, on the aerospace industry.

    "Aerospace is the ideal beneficiary of miniaturized technologies because of its continuing drive for systems with lower mass and power consumption. With a manned mission to Mars driving change, we could see improvements extended beyond the systems level to micro and nanotechnologies, since these platforms can be the lowest common denominator in virtually every new high-tech aerospace end product." More here.

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