Friday, June 11, 2004

Busy Self-Replicating

Eric Drexler may say gray goo is unlikely, but I'm trying my own gray goo-goo experiment. I'm busy self-replicating and on paternity leave until June 28. My son's 9-pound ass is due to come screaming into this world any day now (Monday at the latest, when they'll induce.) I'll probably be blogging now and then, but for the most part I'll be doing some serious reflection on where exactly I'm going with some of the nanotech issues I've been writing about in this space for the past year. It's clearly not Small Times material, and there's only so far a blog can go. Time to pause, reflect, regroup and enjoy my family for a little while.

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Keith Blakely said...

Howard - Congratulations and condolences. I am sure you are excited about having a son. But condolences to your wife who, based upon your estimate of the infant's posterior mass being 9 lbs, will conservatively weigh in at 45 pounds (overall) at birth. I trust you are going with the Cesaerean approach!