Friday, May 21, 2004

Take my spam, please

A bit of a stretch for a nanotech connection here, with a spousal reference that would be more than a bit outdated in the U.S. In fact, here it would prompt some strongly worded letters to the editor. Anyway, I link, you decide:

    nagNagging spouse? Don't run, don't hide. Resolving his or her gripe could be worth millions. At least that's how it worked out for Sunil Paul.

    In 1997, Paul's wife Michelle began complaining about the appearance of spam junk mail in her America Online e-mail account.

    Paul, an Indian-American techie who has authored a Congressional report on nanotechnology and miniaturisation, set to work on blocking spam. The result was Brightmail, an anti-spam company.

    Early this week, computer security firm Symantec scooped up Brightmail for a hefty $370 million in an all cash deal just when it was about to go public. More here

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