Friday, May 14, 2004

The Amazing Power of PokéBalls

From liquidcross, I give you "Sociology and Science in the World of Pokémon":

    pokeball2We'll begin with the items every Pokémon trainer worth their salt has a boatload of: PokéBalls. These softball-sized spheres are what Pokémon are stored in when they're not out and about. This wouldn't seem remarkable, except for the fact that almost every single Pokémon is considerably larger than a PokéBall. Some of them are more than twice the size of humans, for crying out loud! Yet, they can still be crammed into a transport device that fits into your hand. So we're talking some impressive miniaturization technology here, at the very least. Now, when you miniaturize an object by reducing the space between individual atoms, the object's mass remains constant. So if you've got a Pokémon that has a mass of a few hundred kilograms, it'll still be that hefty when stored in a PokéBall. The obvious solution? The PokéBalls also contain some type of null-gravity and inertial damping systems; null-gravity to make it possible to move them, and inertial damping to make it possible to stop them after being in motion.

    pokeballblack... Finally, we've got the Pokémon Centers, which are both hangouts for trainers, access points for the computer storage system, and hospitals for injured Pokémon. The latter is what I'm going to focus on. Using nanotechnology and/or regenerative medical fields, these facilities can bring any and all Pokémon back to perfect health in a manner of seconds, free of charge. It makes you wonder what kind of healthcare system they have for people. More here

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Anonymous said...

My younger brother has been badgering me to find a scientific part of Pokemon. Thank you for your blog that has enlightened me. I now get $10 from him!