Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Jim Hightower has carefully and exhaustively investigated nanotechnology and has come to the following conclusion:

    Wonderful news, folks:The latest Economic Miracle has been found!

    Can you say, "nanotechnology?" Better than high tech, we're told, even better than biotech! Nanotech is the golden fleece, the Next Big Thing! It involves lab technicians manipulating microscopic molecules to manufacture synthetic nanoparticles that can be used in computers, lubricants, and other products. These man-made substances are all the rage in economic development circles, with both federal and state governments pushing taxpayer money at this fledgling industry.

    Politicos in my state of Texas, for example, are all atwitter about getting a big piece of the nano action, planning to throw scarce public funds at corporations in order to lure them to choose Texas as a nano center. But if they choose us n what do we get?


    Then there's a little hiccup that neither the politicos nor the industry want to talk about: These tiny nanoparticles are big-time toxic. A stunning new study of fish finds that the synthetic molecules cause severe brain and liver damage and liver damage in the largemouth bass that were tested, and they wipe out whole populations of small organisms in water that are a crucial part of the aquatic food chain. Other studies have found that nanoparticles cause lung damage when inhaled, raising serious health issues for workers in nanotech factories. More here

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