Saturday, May 08, 2004

Here's the scoop

Hey, kids. Don't make me stop the nanocar. Can't we all just get along? First, call yourselves by your real names. Chris Phoenix, you belong to an advocacy organization. Tim Harper, you're a businessman who runs business advocacy organizations.

None of you are journalists -- at least none that my old-style cigar-chompin' "if-your-mother-says-she-loves-you-check-it-out" college journalism instructor would recognize.

It's cool. I love it. Your competing voices are welcome. That's what blogs are all about. It's not supposed to be unbiased journalism. Keep the debates going. Just don't take it personally when people publicly disagree with you. Here's where you can learn from the stereotypical hard-bitten journalists of old: Develop a tough skin.

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Update: Tim Harper wrote to tell me that he thinks he's still a member of Britain's National Union of Journalists. I'll have to check them out, since Small Times needs a new British correspondent. And Harper's TNTlog strikes back with Knock! Knock! It's the Thought Police!

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