Monday, May 10, 2004

Give Dave a Wave

David W.G. Voyle's got the nano, he just needs the tsunami. I'll let Voyle explain in his own words. HL

Dear Howard,

Thank you for getting back to me regarding Nano Tsunami. I have been trying really hard to keep the site as up to date as I can.

Nano Tsunami is still just me working alone here in Holland, I do not work for a publisher nor am I sponsored by one.

I (like your good self) see lots of good and bad in NanoTech and that has lead me to build Nano Tsunami not merely as a news service, but hopefully more like a "Nano Soapbox " i.e. a place where any view on NanoTech (for or against) can be published without any prefixed corporate or government views bearing down on the subject.

However, chasing after news as been the smaller of the challengers Nano Tsunami seems to have set for me....

Ok when I am in bed (because of the time differences) a lot of news breaks and commercially powerful sites like Small Times, and NanoTech-Now can scoop up and publish the news as it happens.

That's why I have been trying to give a very European view on the subject so that as any European News breaks I can publish it.

And that's what I mean by the challenge set by Nano Tsunami.. Where is all that European news?

Ok Nordic Nanotech, and CMP Cientifica do their bit, but my personal feeling is that they are both more business first and news & views second.

Nothing wrong with that but it's not my vision for Nano Tsunami.

That's where I hope you can help me, your Blog is without doubt the most read Blog on NanoTech issues in the World.

Would it be possible (through your Blog) to announce a BIG WAKE UP Call to all parties (for and against) NanoTech in Europe to please send me as much news and views in any modern European language as possible.


I would also really welcome anyone professional or non professional, or perhaps a NanoTech student, to join by sending me regular or irregular articles about any NanoTech issue of their choice.

Finally, on a more serious note you remember writing about your own traffic stats and showing us all the visit from the White House?

Well my claim to fame is a visit from the Prime Minister's Office of Tasmania! (probably just a cleaner on a quick web surfing break) but still not bad for Nano Tsunami my Nano Tsunami, from my "nano office " on my Home PC, published not in the Heartland of NanoTech... but here in Sunny Holland.

Thanking you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

David W.G. Voyle.
Nano the wave

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