Friday, May 28, 2004

First, blame the media

My latest column is up on the Small Times Web site. Here's an excerpt:

    U.S. nanotech official Clayton Teague assured me during an interview in Washington that everybody is “keenly aware” of the sour European experience with science policy. But I heard something else echoing through the National Nanotechnology Initiative event, and to my ears it was not the sound of lessons learned. It was the old technique of blaming the media. Read the rest here.
This Just In: Howard Lovy explains it all

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Jack Mason said...

I was intriqued by Howard's suggestion that policy makers should help the general public not just understand what nanotechnology is, but why it is an important and exciting frontier. Such cheerleading could help direct more U.S. students toward much needed science careers. And that kind of cultural shift would draw attention to some of the strategic global problems nanotech could help tackle, i.e. clean energy and water, advances in medicine and healthcare, defense against chemical and bioterrorism.