Sunday, February 06, 2005

Nanotech Tool Time


I'm a reader of your blog. This isn't a nanotech story in itself but I thought it was a good indicator of where the market might be going. When I look for trends in other tech markets I always go to the equipment providers -- if they are going strong then (usually) you could say the same about the industry they equip, at least as an indicator for the future.

Don't know how this applies to nanotech, however.


Brian, Thanks for the info. And, yes, this is a nanotech story -- at least, from the point of view of those who see nanotech in relation to the semiconductor industry, which is where most of FEI's sales go. Equipment makers trying to sell to universities aren't doing as well. We'll probably see the IC industry continue to drive up the bottom line at FEI, Veeco and others, as the industry finally realizes that to stay alive it needs to go nano. And that does not mean simply using old lithography techniques -- only smaller. That obviously, is not working.


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