Wednesday, February 16, 2005

'Nano Breaker' breaks wind


Nano Breaker
A pointless game with few redeeming qualities.
(By Ivan Sulic,
    According to what we've learned from previous developer interviews, Nano Breaker was designed as an action game that would convey the extremely violent results of fluid futuristic melee combat. As is often the case, paper proposals do not live up to real world standards. Here, the final product is a markedly mundane experience that neither strikes us as being particularly violent nor particularly action packed, since the word action usually goes hand-in-hand with excitement, which this one actually features little of.

    nanobreakerIn 2001 the United States established an island facility to research and develop nanotechnology for implementation in military and civilian life. To eventually reach this widespread end, the United States collected the world's foremost scientists, analysts and businessmen and then formed a secluded community out of them. This small isolated town of renowned folks resulted in nearly 20 years of positive scientific breakthroughs in the field of nanotechnology.

    Toward the end of the island's prosperous life and the beginning of this game's adventure, the created nanotechnology was injected into every resident of the island and used throughout the facility to better the lives of its inhabitants and further the government's reckless steps into a new technological era. As is the way of efficient machines, the central computer that controlled these microscopic robots malfunctioned and instructed its entrenched nanites to forsake their previous programming and begin self-replicating, whereupon they would consume the flesh of humans and the steel of cities so that they could become monstrous, impractical things. These gigantic mosquitoes, crawly demon-things, huge waving phallic symbols, and spewing seashells of puss were then used to annihilate the island's population and the military's initially feeble attempt at intervention. This is apparently the way of jerks. More here

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