Monday, February 07, 2005

Evolution amphetamine

ASU researchers seek way to harness hydrogen power
Speeding up natural process part of project
(By Courtney Bonnell, Web Devil, Arizona State University)

    ASU researchers are developing a way to make hydrogen a source of energy usable in outlets like transportation and electricity.

    Scientists at the Biodesign Institute will be working on a catalyst to mimic the processes plants use to separate water into its two components: hydrogen and oxygen.

    Researchers will use a $1.5 million grant they received from the Department of Energy last month to fund the project. They applied for the grant in December 2003.

    Hydrogen is a storage source for other types of renewable energy like solar power, which can be used instead of fossil fuels at night, said foundation professor of chemistry Devens Gust, who is doing similar research on campus.

    The energy used to break water into oxygen and hydrogen will store itself in the hydrogen to be used later.

    "What really interests me as a scientist is the concept of being able to develop a new molecular function by essentially speeding up evolution," said Neal Woodbury, director for the Center for BioOptical Nanotechnology and principal investigator on the grant. "We're doing what evolution did, [but] in a shorter amount of time [and] using computers." More here

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