Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Nano ISO standards

New ISO Proposal on Nanotechnologies
Opportunity for comment (American National Standards Institute)

    The British Standards Institution (BSI) has submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) a proposal for a new field of ISO technical activity on nanotechnologies.

    The scope of the proposal identifies specific standardization tasks in the field of nanotechnologies such as classification, terminology and nomenclature, basic metrology, characterization, including calibration and certification, risk and environmental issues. Test methods include approaches for determining physical, chemical, structural and biological properties of materials or devices for which the performance, in the chosen application, is critically dependent on one or more dimension of <100nm. Test methods for applications, and product standards shall come within the scope of the Technical Committee.

    Action is underway for the ANSI ISO Council (AIC) to approve the ANSI Nanotechnology Standards Panel (ANSI-NSP) Steering Committee to act as an Interim Advisory Group to the AIC. The ANSI-NSP currently serves as the cross-sector coordinating body for standards in the area of nanotechnology and provides the forum within which stakeholders can work cooperatively to promote, accelerate, and coordinate the timely development of useful voluntary consensus standards. More here

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