Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Blood-sucking Nanomachines

All's not quiet on the nanogame front. This just in from TotalVideoGames.com: A new PlayStation2 game called "Nanobreaker." Here's the premise:
    In a story that bears an uncanny resemblance to the story of The Matrix, in the futuristic world of ‘Nanobreaker’, Nano-technology was originally developed to enrich humankind, but the nanomachines suddenly went awry. The machines began to harvest the blood of humans and the iron of buildings in an effort to construct an army of monster machines. It's up to the player to combat this threat and save the world from apocalypse.
Add NanoBreaker to the growing list of "bad" nano impressions that the government is going to attempt to "correct." Sounds to me like the children have already been assimilated. Don't despair, though. Think of it this way: Did the "Star Trek" Generation really view the show as a documentary? Or did it simply fire up the imagination? From the vantage of a few technology revolutions later, I'd say the latter.

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