Thursday, May 31, 2007

Time for a little art

I am not the artist of the family. That's my wife's department (She works at the Detroit Institute of Arts). So, I'm probably not qualified to spot an art "trend." But, as all the real scientists and engineers who read this blog know, lack of qualifications has never stopped me from openly expressing an opinion before, so why stop now?

Trend or not, there has been some recent news involving nanotech and art. The picture above comes from Jessica Burns, a junior at Central Columbia High School in Pennsylvania, who took first place in a Nanotechnology Digital Art Contest sponsored by Clarion University, where students can minor in nanotechnology. Jessica's piece is called "Up, Up, and Away with Nanotechnology," in keeping with the contest's nanotech-and-the-environment theme.

And my old friend and former Small Times correspondent Jack Mason continues his passion for science and art with a partnership with the Insight Art Connection. You can view and purchase his celebration of the tiny over here. The piece pictured here is called "Nano Under Glass."

NanoArt blogger Cris Orfescu tells us about art that, unlike much of my writing, is Finnish-ed. (That was supposed to be a joke. Never mind).

The 1st International Festival of NANOART - Finland 2007 (from Cris Orfescu's NanoArt blog)

The 1st International Festival of NanoArt will be hosted by the Kotkan Valokuvakeskus Gallery in Kotka, Finland between May 4 and May 31, 2007. The show is curated by Cris Orfescu (USA) and Timo Mahonen (Finland). ...

To view the artists' NanoArt albums please visit

NanoArt is a new art discipline related to micro/nanosculptures created by artists/scientists through chemical/physical processes and visualized with powerful research tools like Scanning Electron Microscope or Atomic Force Microscope. The monochromatic microscope images are processed further to create pieces of art that can be showcased for large audiences to educate the public with creative images that are appealing and acceptable. To read more about NanoArt and Nanotechnology please visit

A little splash of color
Laurie Anderson's spirit in the sky
Tag-teaming with nature to build nanomachines

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