Saturday, June 04, 2005

The sounds (and videos) of science

Athenaweb – a portal for audiovisual information on science is launched by the European Commission (eGov Monitor)

    nanogermanThe European Commission, in association with a number of professional media and science organisations, is launching an innovative web portal designed for audiovisual and scientific communities in Europe, to support their work in promoting and communicating about science. Functions of this new platform include an electronic library of science programmes, an online agenda of key events, a European science news service and a forum for co-productions and partnerships.

    Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for Science and Research said “Most European citizens get their information from television, including on science and research issues. We need to make sure that the information available is of the highest possible quality. AthenaWeb is an innovative response to some of the problems faced when communicating about science and technology.” More here

I have not done a thorough search yet, but there's a link from the site's homepage (free registration required) to a video called "The Principle of Nanotechnology." Unfortunately for me, I do not speak German (although listening to the narrative does give me chills. Can't help it.)

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