Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm quitting journalism, studying nanotech


Community college courses in high school cut time at UCD in half (The California Aggie)

    She took only 13 units during her first quarter, but soon realized that she could graduate within two years if she scheduled her classes strategically. Timoshek, a declared chemistry major with a minor in psychology, and began to take more units, averaging about 18 per quarter.

    People who lived with her in the residence hall did not believe she had accomplished so much so soon, she said. Most of her friends, Timoshek said, are not amazed by the fact that she’s an “overachiever,” which she’s content with.

    "I don’t want to come off as cocky," she said.

    In addition to juggling labs and other coursework, she found a position in a research lab working in the field of nanotechnology under leadership of Frank Osterloh.

    Osterloh said this past quarter, Timoshek has been helping with a project looking at the number of linkers needed to connect two gold nanoparticles. He said her passion for chemistry is evident in the work she contributes to the lab, where she began last summer.

    She has a strong work ethic,” Osterloh said. “She always comes in interested in her work." More here

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