Wednesday, June 15, 2005

NanoBot 2006 at a Detroit-area Hooters?

    What has America come to when we listen to topless women about cutting-edge scientific experiments? What's next? Will Hooters be hosting the next Nobel Prize convention? More in Wired News: Rants & Raves
Hmmm. Not a bad idea at all. Not the Nobel right away. We'd have to work up to that. Perhaps a Detroit-area Hooters could be the location of the first NanoBot trade show and convention. Attendance should not be a problem, I could skimp on fabric for the souvenir T-shirts and I hear they serve some pretty good chicken. Anybody game?

A new wrinkle for Eddie Bauer
Wired News runs with THONG
Naked aggression


Anonymous said...

I can just see it now:

Mr. Smith - But dear, it's all in the name of science. I have to attend this conference!

Mrs. Smith - Fine, but I better not find some other womans' nanoparticles on your clothes when you get home.

Mr. Smith

Anonymous said...

As hatemail goes, that's pretty tame. But then, you're presentation is somewhat tamer than ours.

Here's one we got (specific identity of correspondent deleted -- we have some respect for the privacy of others, even if they're jerks):

OK, I bet you that the guy who started this is an older guy who just wanted to find a way to look at girls with their tops off. It looks like you're having a great time, but I hope you don't expect anyone to take you seriously.

OH, and thanks for the exposure on the nanopants. I'm gonna go out and by a pair, I didn't even know they existed until I read about you guys in Wired.

Keep the freak on!


And our response:

As pointed out in the article, Mr. Nigel Walker, lead scientist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, takes us seriously. So, we don't need you to take us seriously, Mr. [-----].

If you have problems with stain on your pants, we would suggest a more appropriate product for you:

It sounds like you need them.

Anonymous said...

You "hear they serve some pretty good chicken?" Hmmmmmm! Oh, Mrs Lovy!

By the way, that comment by "Mr. Smith" about "not finding another woman's nanoparticles on your clothes" opens up some interesting nanopunk - or maybe nanoporn - possibilities. Think: Real "Femmes Fatale."