Friday, November 12, 2004

Ta Ta for NanoBot (for now)

I'm off to an undisclosed location for a couple of weeks, so you'll need to endure this site's "hold" music until after Thanksgiving. But feel free to continue browsing around here, as I've built up an extensive archive over the last year or so. You can search this site using the form at the bar up top. Who knows? Maybe I blogged you and you didn't even know it. I'll be off e-mail, so please tell your attorneys to delay all action against me until I return.

And when I return, I'll let you know about some exciting and new stuff in store for NanoBot.

Meanwhile, get your daily nano fix from excellent sites such as Nanotechnology Now or any one of the fine information sources in my "Required Reading" list on the left.

With apologies to fellow Wayne State University alumnus Casey Kasem: Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the small.

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