Tuesday, September 28, 2004

NanoSocks Road Test

When I saw this CNET News report on NanoHorizons and its fight against foot fungus, I hoofed it over to a back corner of a shelf to dig out a product that truly did tread new ground. I remembered that more than a year ago I had asked JR Nanotech Plc to send me a sample of its SoleFresh socks ... I mean, "comprehensive footcare using nano silver technology."

The product, according to the package, contains "nano-size silver particles" that prevent "bacteria and fungus causing itchiness and odour."

Great. I'm there. As a former athlete's foot sufferer (you now officially know too much about me) and proud poster boy for nanopants, I'd love to find out whether playing footsie with a nice pair of nanosocks would complete me.

The picture above was taken at about 11 p.m. Sept. 28, 2004. I'm going to keep them on for a while now and give this product a run for its money. See what I do for you, dear NanoBot reader? It costs you nothing, and you're spared the full sensory experience. Question is, how long do you think I should keep them on to see whether they're truly worth their weight in nanosilver?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Howard,

Please change your socks.


Your wife

Anonymous said...

And please don't ask me to sniff your socks any more. It's not going to happen. Thanks.

Your wife

Howard Lovy said...

My Dearest Wife (Or, should I call you the NanoWife? Glenn Reynolds' better half doesn't seem to mind being called the InstaWife),

I would never dream of involving you in these risky scientific experiments of mine, especially when they involve cutting-edge work in nanoparticles and foot odor toxicity. That's why we have a dog.

Howard (Your husband)