Sunday, September 26, 2004

From a buzzword to a brick wall


On the Record: Craig Barrett
(San Francisco Chronicle)
    Q: How big is your investment in nanotechnology?

    A: Nanotechnology is a buzzword that you in the press have popularized, and the government popularizes it. The formal definition of nanotechnology is anything below 100 nanometers. Every transistor that we make is below 100 nanometers.

    So, if you want to know the investment that we're making in nanotechnology, it's the total investment that Intel is making. ... We don't happen to be the nanotechnology that you popularize with carbon nano-tubes and quantum dots and organic molecules that are going to replace CMOS transistors. Most of that is an esoteric and populist impression of what nanotechnology is. The bulk of nanotechnology is what companies like Intel and Texas Instruments and others do today.

    Q: Is the process of miniaturization a difference of degree? Or is there at some point where you ... jump off the cliff?

    A: We don't refer to it as jumping off the cliff. We refer to it as running into a brick wall. (Laughter). Our strategy is we just motor along at 200 mph, and when we hit the brick wall, we'll hit it at full speed. More here

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